King of Spirits,
Staroplzenecky Absinth

and Red Absinth
are produced by L'or Special Drinks distillery located in Bohemia - Czech Republic.

It is a small boutique distillery specialising in the production of unique, high quality spirits.

The production capacity of absinth is limited due to availability of wormwood, which is sourced from the forests surrounding the L'or distillery.

Only natural organic ingredients are used during the production of absinth to ensure highest standards of the final products.


Staroplzenecky Absinth

Red Absinth

Absinth Flor

Absinth Gift Pack

Absinth Spoon

Alcohol 70% v/v, thujone 10mg/kg

Considered the best absinth in the world.

Absinth King of Spirits is a real king of strong absinthes, especially if you are looking for an extremely distinctive absinthe.

A particular feature of Absinth King of Spirits is the genuine wormwood and other herbs and spices contained inside each bottle, which gives the liqueur the right strength.

Absinth King of Spirits is based on original Swiss recipe and it is a natural product without any additives. We recommend drinking it only with ice.

Alcohol 70% v/v, thujone 10 mg/kg

An emerald green drink with a distinctive taste. Manufactured in accordance with the original recipe, but produced to meet current standards and regulations.

All essential ingredients are carefully selected and processed to ensure the unique taste of absinth. The spirit is less aniseed than absinth produced in France and therefore it doesnít turn cloudy when diluted.

The presence of thujone (maximum legal limit) combined with such a high alcohol content (70% v/v) makes Staroplzenecky Absinth very powerful.

Expressive taste and character holds it as one of the best absinths on todayís market.

Alcohol 60% v/v, thujone 10mg/kg

Red Absinth is a new generation of absinth designed for drinkers still not content with the existing ones.

It is young, dynamic, fine and sharp at the same time. Excellent in respect to mixed drinks, an ideal base for long drinks and cocktails.

Delicious with icy tonic water, fruit juice or just on the rocks.

Alcohol 70% v/v, thujone <10mg/kg

Produced by Fruko-Schulz, one of the leading producers of Absinth in the Czech Republic - The traditional homeland of this bohemian tipple.

Established in 1898, they have a fine reputation for creating excellent quality absinthes of which Fruko Absinth is their finest.

Absinth Fruko is strong, aromatic spirit with a slight bitter taste. Through improved production technology and strict regulation of thujone (psychoactive neurotoxine) Fruko Schulz's Absinth complies fully with current legislation whilst giving the drinker the full absinth effect.

Available in classical Art Nouveau style bottle.

Staroplzenecky Absinth, Absinth Glass and Absinth Spoon

Gift pack includes bottle of Staroplzenecky Absinth, genuine absinth spoon and special glass with Staroplzenecky Absinth Logo.

An elegant gift box features motive from famous Vincent van Goghís Starry Night painting and an instruction for traditional absinth ritual.

A great gift for any absinth enthusiast or for your own indulgence. Limited edition.


Authentic L'or absinth spoon based on the classical 19th century design.

Made from quality stainless sheet will allow you to prepare absinth in the traditional way.

This item is FREE for all orders of two or more bottles of any of the above absinth.

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